I am from Iran , where I lived All of my life. I was born and raised in a small town in northwest  Iran , name of this city is Khorramdarreh . I am fortunate enough to be a part of Art loving family. For almost 12 years i shot snapshots of family and friends with various point and shoot cameras during family get-togethers and travels.
Inspired by the some good images, I picked up my Film SLR in 2002 and started my photo career with some Of my friends .It s a Mamiya ZM with several Mf lenses .I have that Camera from 12 , it’s my father gift for my birthday. Later upgrading to Canon EOS digital system gave me the flexibility in experimenting with various subjects and settings.
Then in early 2005 after seeing some amazing shots by John Shaw & Artour Mouris. I made my decision to be a nature & wildlife photographer what that i love to do all of my life. After reading their books i have learn many things from them.
Interesting thing for me in photography is the opportunity to improve images in every stage. Of course, it is possible in every field. But here I have images right from my first day behind the lens to till date. Also I know what I did wrong then and what I am doing wrong now. I believe it’s a continuous process of producing technically perfect images I pre visualize.